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    Monday-Friday 9AM - 3:30PM
    Sunday 10AM - 11AM

    Alcoholics Anonymous: Thursday 7PM
    A.A. Hotline: (845-534-8525)

  • Today's Readings

    • Reading 1 2 sm 7:1-5, 8b-12, 14a, 16
      Responsorial Psalm ps 89:2-3, 4-5, 27-29
      Reading 2 rom 16:25-27
      Alleluia Lk 1:38
      Gospel lk 1:26-38
  • Around our Community

    • December 13 - December 21
      OPLATKI A limited supply of this traditional Polish Christmas Wafer (already blessed) will be available in the sacristy for those who would like it.
    • December 13 - February 1
      The 2015 Church calendars are here and have been donated with the compliments of Rich Lalli of William M. Gagen Funeral Home Inc. They are available to be picked up and can be found at the doors of the church.
    • December 13 - December 25
      Once again we invite all children of the parish to make their own personal ornament for our Children’s Christmas tree, which will be displayed in the East Wing. There will be baskets at the church doors to collect these special ornaments over the next couple of weeks. This is a very important part of our holiday decorations. Please encourage your children to participate. Thank you!
    • July 30 - August 8
      Click the title for full details.
  • St. Paul's Mission

    St. Paul's strives to be a community of Christians, in the Roman Catholic tradition, responding to the call of Jesus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, providing mutual assistance in Christian life, witness, service and worship and promoting the Reign of God as proclaimed in the Scriptures:

    • to Act with justice
    • to Love tenderly
    • to Serve one another
    • to Walk humbly with God
  •  Priest

    Father Sean Harlow, Order of Carmelites.

  • St Paul's News

    • December 19
      Christmas Eve 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Christmas Day 11:00 am. Merry Christmas!
    • December 19
      Calling all volunteers. Come and help decorate the church for Christmas. We will meet on Sunday, December 21st at 1pm. The more the merrier!
    • December 12
      We are still accepting donations of turkeys, chickens, ham, canned goods and money to help fill approximately 150 Holiday Food Baskets, to be distributed to needy families at Christmas. If you are a parishioner in need, please call Anna at the Church Office or Morag in the Religious Education Office. We want to thank all of our people who have always been so generous in reaching out to others. God Bless You!
    • December 12
      Once again, a Children's choir will provide the music for our 6 PM Christmas Eve Mass and Pagent. Youth grades 3-12 are invited to sing with us. Rehersals will be held on Sunday, December 14th and Sunday, December 21st at 12 PM in the church. An additional practice may be held during the week. Sign up sheets are at the entrances to the church.
    • December 11
      The Elijah Cup
 A Focal Point of Prayer for Vocations 
 Praying for vocations is the most powerful way to support vocations. A vocation is a call from the Holy Spirit, a gift from God that is nurtured in prayer. When we pray for vocations, we lift up to our Father those men and women who he is calling in a very special way. We hope that those who bring the cup home will continue to pray for vocations daily. What is the Elijah Cup?
 The purpose of the Elijah Cup, a consecrated chalice, is to provide a focal point of prayer. We are all aware of the need for vocations to the priesthood, the diaconate and to the religious life. But sometimes we forget just how powerful praying for an increase in vocations can be. If we pray with the faith of the widow of Zarapeth, our cup will never run dry! We will always have priests to bring us Jesus in the Eucharist.
 In 1 Kings 17, during a drought, Elijah tells the poor widow of Zarapeth that if she makes him a small loaf of bread with the last of her flour and oil, her "jar of flour will not go empty, nor the jug of oil run dry, until the Lord sends rain upon the earth." In faith, the widow baked the bread and fed Elijah. For the next year, the widow, her son, and Elijah ate bread made from the bowl of flour and jug of oil. How does it work?
 The Elijah Cup will be passed from family to family, each week at one of the Masses. The family, couple or individual will take the Chalice home, putting it in a place of honor. Each day for a week, during prayer time (morning, bedtime or at meals), they pray for an increase and perseverance of vocations. The following week they return the Elijah Cup. A prayer journal also travels with the Elijah Cup. Each week the family, individual, or couple that has the cup enters a thought, prayer, or scripture verse. Over time, this diary will become a spiritual journal for the parish. The Elijah Cup program is part of St. Paul’s Sesquicentennial Celebration and will start on the first weekend of 2015, January 3rd and 4th . Signups will be conducted at the doors of the church starting next week.
  • Fr. Barron's Advent Reflections

    • In our Gospel for this fourth Sunday of Advent, we turn to the beautiful and familiar story of the Annunciation. The angel Gabriel comes to a virgin named Mary to announce