How about preparing for Christmas by getting a fresh look at the Christmas narrative during Advent!

Join other members of the parish by slowing down, engaging your imagination, and sharing your faith as you enter into the lives of the men and women who played a part in Jesus’ birth. Break free of the familiar, and you will discover something you never knew about the story you’ve always heard.

     Although it is not necessary to read the book to participate, we will be centering our discussion on the Gospel narrative as presented in the book “The Characters of Christmas” by Daniel Darling, available on Amazon for $12.59 and other booksellers.

Sessions will be during the weeks of Advent on Tuesday mornings (10-11:15 a.m.) and Thursday evenings (6:30-7:45 p.m.) on ZOOM. If interested, please contact the church office (845-361-3107) or Deacon Carl (