As you might recall, upon the advice of our Finance Council, two years ago we began participating in the Archdiocese-approved, multiparish raffle for 23 American Express Gift Card prizes totaling $68,000.

     Participating churches get half of all their ticket sales. That has translated into $12,700 followed by  $9,162.59 for St. Paul’s – not insignificant numbers!   The other half of the ticket price goes toward administrative costs associated with the raffle such as printing, postage and most importantly, the $68,000 in prize money! Any surplus is used by Catholic Parish Initiatives, which oversees the raffle, for outreach. 

Last year, St. Paul’s and St. Stephen’s in Warwick each had $1,000 winners. We’re told the odds of winning are even better this year because there are fewer parishes in our group. So maybe this year, you will be a big winner, too!  Along with the top $30,000 prize, there’s a $10,000 gift card, an $8,000 gift card and 20 additional $1,000 gift cards.

Registered parishioners should have received five $25-raffle tickets to buy, sell or return to the office. There are additional tickets available through the office as well, or you can ask one of the deacons after Mass.  ticket stubs and payment (with checks made payable to St. Paul’s) have to be returned to the office by Tuesday, July 9. The livestreamed drawing takes place on July 20 and can be viewed at