The members of the Parish Council of Saint Paul’s offer our thoughts and prayers to our church community and for the world at large. May you daily feel the peace of God.
We are continuing to share recommended resources for insight into the current issues of social justice from a Biblical/Church perspective.

And so we invite you to prayerfully consider:

Archbishop, Pope Francis pray for victims of migrant truck tragedy

A report from an interfaith peace delegation to Ukraine

Bishops denounce gun violence and support gun control

Reflection: How is the Holy Spirit working in me amid today’s divisiveness?

Pope Francis prays for Texas shooting victims, urges stricter gun control

Bishops express sorrow, condemn racially-motivated killings in Buffalo

Carmelite Titus Brandsma died in a Nazi concentration camp. On May 15, Pope Francis will make him a saint

The future needs us to say ‘Yes”

Pray the Lord’s Prayer with all creatures

Light of the risen Christ dispels darkness of fear, pope tells young people

Sisters of Life bring their call to love to a new convent in the Catskills

Stations of the Cross for Ukraine

Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Fr. Zach, Thrive for Live and Ignacio House: Educating men in prison and beyond

Can a snowplow metaphor help white Catholics understand racial privilege?

Now is not the time to give up on solidarity

The Jesuits, MLK and the fight for racial justice

The plight of the world’s migrants worsens

Archbishop Desmond Tutu remembered

U.S. sisters help Afghan refugees restart their lives

Mourning, prayer and a resolve to rise above the tornadoes’ destruction

A drive outside a sister’s comfort zone

Finding hope amid Advent anxiety

Local farms embrace sisters’ environmental ethics

Campaign calls for canonization of Black candidates for sainthood

Faith communities gather in Glasgow to pray, pressure leaders to take climate-change action

Times are changing: “Get used to it”

Religious communities working to protect land for future generations – including in the Hudson Valley

Bishop Braxton: The Catholic Church was ‘largely on the wrong side of history’ on racism

Preparing for Pope Francis’ synod on synodality

Horrified by images of Border Patrol abusing Haitian immigrants?

Women are rising to new heights at the Vatican

“Global trade is here to stay. But have we reckoned with the moral costs of its conveniences?

The “sacred task” of preserving the 9/11 chapter in American History

Fr. James Martin analyzes the Pope’s restrictions on Latin Masses

Afghanistan evacuations become top priority for faith-based resettlement groups

Sisters scramble to respond to the delta variant in countries with a lack of vaccines and long-standing socio-economic problems

There is no basis for a priest to issue a religious exemption to the vaccine

Lessons Learned from the Border and Honduras

Climate Change is Also a Spiritual Crisis

Millions of renters owe billions of dollars. Sisters nationwide are doing what they can.

Pope appoints new secretary of child protection commission

U.S. bishops respond to Interior Department’s investigation of Native American boarding schools

Sr. Anita Baird addresses the morality of voter rights at a Georgetown University forum

A burial site for Indigenous children was found in Canada. Could it happen here?

Act locally to break the chains of human trafficking

Prayer service recalls the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921

The killing of George Floyd and the verdict are a wake-up call for America

Pope Francis’ “Vos Estis” expires in one year. How effective has it been?

“Indigenous people’s lives depend on their lands, but threats are growing worldwide”

“I am a Philipina American, and racism makes me afraid …”

National Catholic Reporter Editorial regarding hate crimes against Asian Americans

“A ‘small start”: Catholic leaders react to the Derek Chauvin conviction

Bishops Denounce Violence Against Asian Americans

The Sorrowful Mystery of Racism

Cardinal Gregory: “Healing of America’s Soul” needed for racial harmony

“Catholic Order Pledges $100 Million to Atone for Slave Labor and Sales”

Catholic Anti-Racism Project

Panel: Social justice is essential to Black Catholics’ Faith

“A Pledge to Rescue Our Youth,” by Maya Angelou

Catholic Social Thought and Racial Solidarity

Cardinal Gregory on the ‘Today’ show

“Isn’t 400 Years Enough?”

Bishops reauthorize anti-racism committee

Church and country need a reckoning on race

CST 101

How to be anti-racist at work

Practical steps to eradicate racism

Bishop Zubik tells Pittsburgh Catholics he cannot tell them how to vote

Voting Catholic: Racial Justice

To fight Racism, Catholics must hunger for justice like we do for the Eucharist

Environment, other issues beyond abortion are critical in voting, bishop says

Open Wide Our Hearts

Racial Justice – A Long-Time Concern

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YouTube video on Catholic Social Teaching

National Reconciliation